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Do you still believe there is no Solution for Vitiligo?

We go to salons and beauty parlors weekly with an intention that our skin gets rejuvenated and we look really perfect. At the same time, there are instances when things just go off our hands and in a way, no beauty parlors can help you enhance or retain your skin color. What would you do then? You might consult a cosmetic surgeon to turn things out perfectly well. On the contrary, have you ever imagined what will happen if you suffer from the disease Vitiligo?

Approaching an allopathic doctor for treatment and speedy recovery is the only thing we end up doing. Of course, they give you medication for your health condition but how well the treatment works out is a serious question. As Allopathy can only treat the cause of any disease (whatever may it be), opting for it for the treatment of Vitiligo is not an absolute solution. Comparing to Allopathy, the progression of Vitiligo to other parts of the body can be curbed pretty easily through Ayurvedic treatments. It is at that stage the Traditional Panchakarma Center, Shri Kaya Kalp comes to their rescue with a genuine intention of helping many people physically and emotionally down with Vitiligo and be on their side like a true friend. The team of expert doctors at Shri Kaya Kalp are not only well qualified in this field but also humans at heart displaying their full support and service towards this bunch of Vitiligo patients. The high standard facilities available at Shri Kaya Kalp for the treatment for white patches in India are indeed beneficial to put an end to all health issues.

What is Vitiligo?

The appearance of white patches on the human body mainly because of the partial or whole absence of melanocytes (cells helpful for skin pigmentation) is Vitiligo. It can occur on any part of the body, be it hair or even interior part of the mouth. The degree and intensity of Vitiligo can differ from person to person. It seems there is no specific age for the disease Vitiligo. In Ayurvedic terms, Vitiligo is put under the category of Kustha. It is believed that the non-balanced diet and unsuitable lifestyles are the prime reasons behind this self conscious disease. 

Other Causes

1. Unhealthy foods and drinks causing indigestion
2. Living in unhygienic conditions
3. Genetic disorders
4. Outdoor exercises done during hot sunny days
5. Excessive stress and depression
6. After effects of Chemotherapy and radiation

ayurveda treatment for vitiligo in delhi



1. Gradual appearance of white spots on skin
2. Depigmentation on the entire part of the body
3. The original color inside the mouth is lost
4. Scalp hair is lost and also gets greyed easily.

Treatment For White Patches in India

The imbalance among tridosas such as Vata, Pitta and Kapha are put in equilibrium through the treatments suggested by an Ayurvedic physician. An Ayurvedic therapeutic process making use of herbs, proper diet coupled with Panchakarma therapy are used here. A few Ayurvedic herbs used are Giloe, Haritaki, Neem, Bakuchi etc. These aid to put an end to the disorders in the immune system too.    

People are always of superstitious beliefs that Vitiligo occurs as a result of curse from Gods and to get rid of it, Vitiligo patients resort to many superstitious practices also. This utter nonsense needs to be avoided. Everybody should understand the basic fact that the lost melanin pigment cannot be fully gotten back even if proper Ayurvedic treatment is taken at appropriate time.  Maybe long term medication and treatment (if taken) help in the process of repigmentation but no complete recovery is guaranteed. A strict diet is must while taking the treatment. This ayurveda treatment for vitiligo in Delhi is incredible as there are no consequences from the medication taken by the patients.

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