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Ayurveda and Panchakarma Therapy Courses

Panchakarma is Ayurveda's primary treatment. Panchakarma word means "five therapies". These therapies eliminate toxins from the body and purify it. Vamana, Virechana, Nasya, Basti and Raktamoskshana are the five therapies in panchakarma. These five therapies help to remove deep rooted stress and illness-causing toxins.
Shri Kaya Kalp offers affordable yet comprehensive Ayurveda and Panchakarma Courses. Ayurveda uses a holistic approach to life and health instead of analytical approach. Ayurveda not only cure the disease but also ensure good health.

Date and Fees Structure:

16th January 2017, 6th March 2017 and 1st May 2017
one week: Rs. 18000/-
two weeks: Rs 30000/-
four weeks: Rs. 48000/-

In one week course, students will be given theory classes on Introduction to Ayurveda, Basic Principles of Ayurveda, prakriti analysis, basic herbs and oils used etc. and practical sessions on Seven Body Positions in Massages, Abhyangam, shiro abhyangam,Shirodhara, Elakizhi , podikizhi and herbal steam bath etc.

In two week course, students will be given theory classes on Basic Principles of Ayurveda, Prakriti analysis, basic herbs and oils used, Introduction to Panchakarma Therapies and practical sessions on Head Massage, Shirodhara, Elakizhi, Podikizhi, Kati Vasti and Greeva vasti etc..

In the four-week, course students will be given theory classes on Basic Principles of Ayurveda, Bhaishjya Kalpana ( pharmacy) etc.and practical sessions on Pradhan Karma, Shirodhara, 7 body positions in different therapiesAbhyangam, shiro abhyangam, Shirodhara, Elakizhi, podikizhi etc.

Who can apply?
  •     Yoga Instructors
  •     Naturopaths
  •     Aestheticians/ beauty therapists
  •     Massage Therapists
  •     Registered Nurses
  •     Nutritionists/Dietitians
  •     Acupuncturists
  •     Chiropractors
  •     Medical Doctors
  •     Ayurvedic doctors and
  •     other health care professionals

There are different ways students utilize their Ayurvedic education. Many of the students incorporate Ayurvedic knowledge in their current practice as physicians, nurses or therapists. Others start a career in manufacturing and selling various Ayurvedic products, while others start a health counseling practice. Even a home maker who wish to give good care to her family in a natural way can learn a lot from these courses.

Shri Kaya Kalp Ayurvedic Training Institute and Panchakarma Center is based in New Delhi, the capital city of India. Dr. Tarun Gupta, Senior Ayurvedic Consultant and Panchakarma Specialist having more than 14 years of experience is leading the team. The institute provides short term practical courses in Ayurveda, yoga and pranayama.

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Monday, 26 September 2016

Best Ayurvedic Treatment for Chikungunya in New Delhi

Chikungunya is a type of fever transmitted by mosquitoes. In its case fever is accompanied by joint pain, muscle pain, headache, nausea, fatigue, and rash. The joint pain will exists even after fever subsides. Joint pain will be severe in older people than in youngsters.
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Sandhi Jwara is the name ascribed to Chikungunya in Ayurveda which means “ fever of the joints “. It occurs due to Vata imbalance in the body. The severe joint pain may result in arthritis. Our human body has a well-functioning immune system. It attacks and annihilates the pathogens, protecting our body automatically from several diseases. But a pathogen can defeat the depressed immune system. Chronic depression, fast lifestyle, anxiety, changing food habits will immensely contribute to it. Rather than easing the pain Ayurveda concentrates on rebuilding and strengthening the immune system.

Ayurvedic Chikungunya treatment
Panchakarma is Ayurveda’s complete solution to cleanse the body. These are Vamana, Virechana, Nasya, Basti, and Raktamokshana.
  • Vamana : It is an induced vomiting procedure to relieve the body of certain toxins. This treatment helps to reduce the Kapha dosha in the body.
  • Virechana : Virechana is an internal purification procedure aims at cleaning sweat glands, small intestine, colon, kidneys, stomach, liver, and spleen. The things used in this are certain herbs like senna, prune, bran, flaxseed husk, dandelion root and psyllium seed and Cow's milk, salt, castor oil, raisins and mango juice are also used. The waste materials would pass through the rectum.
  • Nasya : This procedure is done to clean the neck and head region of a person. Medicinal oil prepared from herbs will be poured into the nose.
  • Basti :  It is the type of enema, eliminates three doshas from the body. Medicinal oil, ghee, or  herbal potion is prescribed as enema which cleans the colon and enhances the muscle tone.
  • Raktamokshana: This is a procedure to clean the blood. Due to the high risk of infection,  it is not usually done in panchakarma.

Shri Kayakalp offers best Ayurvedic Treatment for Chikungunya in New Delhi with the help of dedicated team of doctors and other staff.
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Thursday, 25 August 2016

Shri Kayakalp to start courses on Panchakarma and Beauty Therapy

Classified as alternative medicine Ayurveda has legacy dating back to  3000 years.With the advent of technology ayurvedic  treatment has become a lot easier. Shri kayakalp Ayurvedic Training Institute and  Panchakarma Center, New Delhi a premier Ayurveda school in India offers Ayurveda Massage and Panchakarma Therapy Course and Ayurveda Beauty Therapy Course.

Ayurveda Massage and Panchakarma Therapy a one week long course will be conducted  on 5th Sept 2016, 4th November 2016, 16th January 2017 and 6th March 2017 will cost Rs 18000. The course focuses on both theory and practical. Theory consists introduction to Ayurveda, Introduction to Ayurveda Massage and panchakarma treatments (Branches) with reference to common diseases/conditions, Introduction to oils, branches of Ayurveda etc. Practical session consists massage of head, face and full body, Shirodhara, Elakizhi,Podikizhi and Herbal Steam Bath.

Ayurveda Beauty Therapy Course a one week course will commence on 12 December 2016. Giving importance to both theory and practical this course will give a person additional knowledge about the area you wanted to study. Theory consists of Introduction to Ayurveda, Principles of Ayurveda, Ayurveda Beauty Care etc. Practical session concentrates on Face Massage, Face Scrub, Nasyam, Face Pack, Preparation of Hair Packs etc.

Who can apply?

- Anyone with a doctor’s degree
-Beauty therapist
-Ayurvedic specialists
- Any one who want specialisation in beauty care

About Shri kayakalp Ayurvedic Training Institute and  Panchakarma Center

Shri Kaya Kalp Ayurvedic Training Institute and  Panchakarma Center is based in New Delhi, the capital city of India. Dr. Tarun Gupta, Senior Ayurvedic Consultant and Panchkarma Specialist having more than 14 years of experience is leading the team. Other than these two the institute provides courses in Yoga and pranayama, Ayurveda way of life style management, pregnancy and child care etc.

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Thursday, 24 March 2016

Ayurveda Beauty Therapy in India

Ayurveda, means ‘Science of Life’ is an ancient Indian system of natural and holistic medicine. In Kerala Ayurveda is not just a healthcare system but it is a part of every aspect of life. Ayurveda has a great importance in one’s lifestyle ie it provides knowledge about how to prevent diseases and how to eliminate its root cause.

Ayurveda Beauty Therapy in India

According to ayurveda, one’s health and emotional state are reflected in his/her face and body. Ayurveda prominence on maintaining skin's beauty by keeping the internal body clean and healthy.  

Ayurveda has some tested and proved tricks to make our skin clear, soft and radiant without spending a fortune or loading up on chemicals. The secret of beauty is ojas energy, which is the essence of seven dhatus that gives dynamism to our neuromuscular system and radiates youthful energy and glowing skin at all stages.

Kaayakalp a renowned Ayurvedic Training and Panchakarma center ,provides you Ayurveda  Beauty Therapy in India at affordable and reasonable cost. We provide Ayurvedic treatment for various diseases and health related problems. We offer 1 week / 2week Ayurveda Beauty Therapy courses. The topics included in the courses are Ayurveda beauty care, face treatments, hair and scalp treatments etc. Our aim is to practise and propagate Ayurveda in its truest form and produce a prominent result. For more details you can visit our site http://www.ayurvedacoursesindia.com/ayurveda-beauty-therapy-1-weeks/

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Thursday, 21 January 2016

Panchakarma Course in India

Panchakarma is a cleansing or purification therapy in India by using ayurvedic medicines. Panchakarma indicate Five activities Pancha is a sanskrit word means five. Panchakarma is an ayurvedic solution for for all diseases.  Panchakarma is very safe and non-toxic it is the main benefit of this therapy. 
Panchakarma has been utilized to treat hypersensitivities, asthma , joint pain, tumor, constant weakness disorder , colitis, elevated cholesterol, despondency , diabetes, digestive issue, coronary illness, hypertension , invulnerable issues, contaminations , irritation, a sleeping disorder , apprehensive clutters, stoutness , skin issues, and ulcers.

Ayurvedic treatments in Delhi

It mainly means to take out three doshas, for example, vata, pitta, kapha from body. Patients might have these three doshas by panchakarma technique we can evacuate these and will get a  balanced healthy body. Panchakarma treatment includes five technique, such as;,
  • Vamana ( therapeutic vomiting )
It is the first strategy in panchakarma that is used to remove all the kapha related poisons from respiratory tracts.
  • Virechana ( purgation therapy)
It is the second technique in panchakarma that evacuate all the pitta related poisons it totally cleans gastro-intestinal tract
  • Vasti ( enema therapy)
It is the next technique to evacuate vata related poisons furthermore vasti is utilized to evacuate pitta related poisons.
  • Nasyam ( Nose Cleansing )
Nasya treatment is also called nose cleaning treatment. It evacuates poisons through nose.
  • Raktamosha ( Blood Cleansing )
Raktamosha is the last treatment for blood detoxification It wipes out poisons and poisonous conditions from patient's body
Sri Kaya Kalp, one of the panchakarma course institute Delhi offers Best ayurveda courses in India are available at our institute. The Courses is being taught by our expecienced specialists in this feild.