Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Become Ayurveda Beauty Therapist in 1 Week

Shri Kaya Kalp offers short term ayurveda beauty therapy course. Cost of the course is 15000 INR.

Why US
  • The Course is taught by well qualified Doctors.
  • Classes and practicals are done in small batches.
  • Cost is affordable compared to others.
  • Helps in Accommodation and Diet.
  • Our Center is located in City area.
Topics included in Course are

Introduction to Ayurveda
Basic Principles of Ayurveda
Body Constitution with reference to skin and hair
Introduction to Ayurveda Beauty Care

  1. Ayurvedic diet and life style for beauty
  2. Introduction of Ayurvedic oils and herbs for skin and hair care
Face Treatments
  1. Face Massage
  2. Face Packs
  3. Cleansing Treatments
  4. Herbal Steaming
  5. Nasyam
  6. Anti Wrinkles Treatment
  7. Anti Aging Treatment
  8. Scalp + Hair Treatments
Head Massage
Dandruff Treatment
Treatment for Premature Crreying
Treatment for Hairfall and Brittle Hair

Treatment for Hair Growth
Herbal Fumigation


Face Massage
Face Scrub
Herbal Steam
Face Pack
Preparation of Face Pack
Cleansers Preparation
Head Massage
Herbal Fumigation
Application of Hair Packs
Preparation of Hair Packs

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