Friday, 2 June 2017

Panchakarma Therapy Courses : An Ayurveda Practitioner Training

    Panchakarma is a renowned treatment in Ayurveda which includes five set of detoxification therapies. These therapies require extensive training to administer and have a special role in the treatment of disease.
    In Panchakarma the therapist should focus on the causes of the disease, the concept of detoxification (shodhana), Therapeutic emesis (Vamana),  Therapeutic purgation (Virechana), Therapeutic enema (Vasti), Nasal Therapy (Nasya) and therapeutic blood-letting (Raktamokshana). The Panchakarma Therapy course offers a clear insight to fundamental principles of Ayurveda and their applications in healthcare.
In Ayurveda a patient being treated is considered as a purusha (i.e., not merely a body). It is a total combination of body, mind, senses and soul. The treatment aims to achieve complete health for the patient not just to suppress the troubling symptoms. This approach enables to diagnose the root cause and eliminate it, and results in genuine healing.
Benefits of Panchakarma Therapy Courses
    The Panchakarma Therapy course enables you to add value to your existent professional practice through counseling and providing appropriate Ayurvedic therapies. In addition, the course enable you to:
  • Recognize the root cause of diseases
  • Develop an intimate understanding of every aspect of your client's physical, psychological and emotional nature and can make an accurate diagnosis.
  • Identify different Ayurvedic Body Types
  • Identify diseases and health conditions that require detoxification
  • Determine appropriate Panchakarma therapies for diseases
  • Perform preliminary therapies such as oil massage (Abhyanga) and fomentation (Syedana) prior to Panchakarama
  • Perform Vamana, Virechana, Anuvasana Vasti, Asthapana Vasti and Nasya
  • Create a diet chart and schedule (Samsariana Karma) for the client after Panchakarma period till restoration of health.
  • Enables you to educate clients about the benefits of Ayurvedic healing therapies and lifestyle practices.
  • Assist Ayurvedic physicians in Panchakarma procedures.
    Shri Kaya Kalp is the best Ayurveda School in India, offers Panchakarma Therapy courses and other Ayurvedic Professional Courses in India. The training they provide with highly skilled staff, personalized demonstration of various therapies and individual attention to each students enables them to attain a better scope of career as well as a way to carry forward our tradition in this aspect.

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