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Ayurveda Courses From The Best Ayurveda Teaching Institute In India

Shri Kaya Kalp Ayurvedic Center is one of the best Ayurveda teaching institutions in India. Training is provided by qualified faculty of Ayurveda doctors. They offer various Ayurveda certificate courses in India. The course session is divided into theory and practical classes. Theory classes will be handled by expert doctors and practical classes will be monitored by experienced doctors. Shri Kaya Kalp Ayurvedic Center in New Delhi is the best Ayurveda school in India.

The courses offered are:

Ayurveda Massage Therapy

The syllabus consists of theory and practical classes. The theory part include introduction to Ayurveda, its basic principles, basic knowledge about Ayurvedic oils, introduction to Ayurveda massage therapy (7 body positions in Ayurvedic massages, about abhyangam, podikizhi, shirodhara, shiro abhyangam).  The practical classes consist of sessions about head massage, full body massage, podikizhi, its preparation and shirodhara.

Ayurveda Massage and Panchakarma Therapy

Course’s theory part discusses Ayurveda, its history, principles, body constitution analysis, introduction to Bhaishjya Kalpana and introduction to Panchakarma therapies etc.  The practical session includes head massage, different types of dharas, seven body positions in different therapies, types of massages, kizhis etc

Preparation of Ayurveda Herbal Medicines, Oils and Cosmetics

The course includes theory part introduction to Ayurveda, five pharmaceutical form of preparation, about Guggulu, its preparation, preparation of medicated oil, ghritam, hair packs, face packs, body scrub, skin cleanser, herbal shampoo, bathing powder, tooth powder, preparation of ark, pishti preparion etc.

Ayurveda Beauty Therapy

The theory part discusses introduction to Ayurveda, body constitution with reference to skin and hair care, special emphasis on skin and hair treatments, body treatments, hand and foot treatments.  Detailed practical on face treatments, face pack preparation, herbal fumigation, body massage, body scrub, body packs, rice bundle massage, its preparation, herbal steam bath etc.

Basics of Aroma Therapy

The theory class consists of introduction to aromatherapy, oils and its effect on body etc.  The practical session includes the importance of massage, steps, and techniques of aroma massage etc.

Courses in Yoga and Pranayama

The course discusses in detail regarding yoga, philosophy, anatomy, Hatha yoga and Meditation.  Practical classes include asanas, pranayama, meditation poses, mudras and bandhas, chanting and relaxation poses in detail.

Ayurveda Massage Techniques with Special Reference to Marma Points

The theory part consists of Ayurveda massage techniques, description of marma points, details of 107 marma points with their clinical significance.  The practical session discusses the location of marma points.

Pregnancy and Child Care in Ayurveda

The theory part consists of Ayurveda concepts for better conception, concepts of pregnancy in Ayurveda, pregnancy care, monthly regimen in pregnancy, infant care etc.  The practical lessons are pregnancy massage, postnatal massage and body massage.

Ayurveda Nutrition and Lifestyle

This course gives some guidelines regarding how to live in accordance with Ayurveda. The theory part gives a brief description of diet and lifestyle according to body and mental constitution, tripod of life, six tastes, swasthya vritta. The practical class includes introduction to Ayurveda cooking and Indian spices, basic cooking methods and diet for detoxification.
In addition to the above courses, the Center provides customized training programs according to the needs of the students.
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