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Be Experts in Ayurveda Nutrition Courses with SKK

Ayurveda, the age-old science of medicine is much sought after and more and more people are seeking ayurvedic treatments. Ayurveda practitioners have a great potential to give correct knowledge of nutrition and lifestyle for better health maintenance. There are different ways students utilize the knowledge in Ayurveda Nutrition. Many of the students incorporate Ayurvedic knowledge of Nutrition and lifestyle in their current practice as physicians, dieticians, health counseling practitioners etc. Even a home maker who wants to give good nutrition and care to her family in a natural way can learn a lot from these courses.


Details about the Ayurveda Nutrition Course

Methodology: The Ayurveda Nutrition and lifestyle Course at SKK provides both theory classes and practical training as well. The Ayurveda course makes sure that the trainees get a proper idea and insight into the field.

The theory classes will have a duration of 45 minutes to 1 hour. The theory classes will be taught by professional and experienced Ayurvedic doctors. While the trainees can take lecture notes, it is also made sure that they don't miss any points in the class by providing ample study materials in printed form. The doctors also make it a point that the students have a strong base in all the topics.

Practical training is given with much care and we also see to it that the student has understood the concept in detail before permitting them to do it after which the practicals are made to do by themselves so that they can learn better and can have a strong understanding of the subject. Depending on the format of the course, practical training is given in therapy rooms, pharmacy or kitchens. The practical classes and training will be delivered by reputed and experienced therapists under the supervision of doctors. The time taken for the training sessions depends entirely on the student's willingness to practice and also on the number of students on the batch.

Duration: 6 days a week; 3-4 hours a day
FEE:  One week course-18000/-
           Two week course-30000/-

Who can benefit from the course?

  • Professionals who want to get a deeper insight and widen their knowledge in Ayurvedic nutrition.
  • Physicians who are interested in alternative medicines, physiotherapists, dieticians, and yoga teachers, wellness counsellers, naturopaths.
Are you interested in deepening your knowledge of Ayurveda? Come, visit SKK in Delhi and join our ayurvedia courses in Delhi to fulfill all your dreams.
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