Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Ayurveda Beauty Therapy Course– Realise Your Dreams of a Glorious Career

Aesthetics and beauty treatments are known to be practised since time immemorial. How else can the renowned beauty of our queens and princesses be justified! The last decade has seen an increased vigour in this field with more people growing conscious of their looks, health and fitness.

Beauty treatments and therapies combining the goodness of nature and rooted in traditional techniques have many takers nowadays. The lack of side effects and natural revitalisation by herbal combinations has added to its shine. This has made Ayurveda beauty therapy course a hot pick today.

Ayurveda beauty therapy course at Kayakalp
Kayakalp offers Ayurveda beauty therapy courses that provides a deep insight and practical knowledge in the use of ayurvedic combinations and technique solutions to address the growing beauty concerns of today’s society. The courses are an ideal foot step towards a fulfilling career in the beauty industry.
Kayakalp offers two beauty therapy courses which are short term and involves intensive training of 1 and 2 weeks. They include practical sessions from an expert faculty which helps in efficiently mastering the nuances of Ayurveda treatment methodology.
Course details
As mentioned, two short term courses are offered at Kayakalp. They are as follows
  • Ayurveda Beauty Therapy Course – 1 week
    A course spanning a week, it covers basic principles of Ayurveda, body constitution rooted in aesthetics, diet and lifestyle to assist beauty therapy and so on. Trainings are imparted for face treatment, scalp and hair treatment along with practical covering techniques like nasyam, netra-tarpan, shirodhara, head massage and so on. The fee for this course is Rs. 18000.
  • Ayurveda Beauty Therapy Course – 2 weeks
    This course spans 2 weeks. In addition to the syllabus mentioned in the above course package, body treatment and hand-foot treatments are also involved here. The practical training curriculum include body treatments and other treatments for foot and hand as well. The fee for this course is Rs. 30000.
Kayakalp, based in New Delhi, offers advanced and customised training courses in Ayurveda treatment and therapies at an affordable fee structure.

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