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Jobs related to Ayurveda

Ayurveda have evolved as a organized system. There are many colleges and medical centers which offers courses on ayurveda. Since ayurveda treatment have no side effect, more people are opting for ayurveda. This has increased the demand for more ayurvedic clinic and therapy center. Different ayurvedic related jobs are

Ayurveda Doctors
Ayurvedic doctor is similar to allopathy doctor and there are several medical colleges to study and become one. Those who need to become an ayurvedic doctor must pursue Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery(BAMS). There is also option for post graduate course. MD/MS is the post graduation course. Pay for this profession is high.

Ayurveda Nurses
Demand for Ayurvedic Nurses are increasing largely. More number of therapy centers require skilled nurses. Cost of becoming an ayurvedic nurses is low and need less time compared to allopathic nurses.

Ayurveda Therapist
An ayurvedic center does not need a doctor or nurse, they require only an Ayurvedic Therapist. Ayurvedic center mainly focus on various therapies and massages. Ayurveda tourism opened wide range of opportunity for the therapist both in and outside the country. There are many ayurveda panchakarma training institute in India which provide short term courses in ayurveda therapies at affordable rate.

Ayurveda Dietitian

Main duty of an aurveda dietitian is to educate and give advises to patients about diet related disorder. There are courses ranging from three month to one year to become a ayurveda dietitian.

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Ayurveda Panchakarma Training Courses in Delhi

 Ayurveda Massage and Panchakarma Therapy

If you're Associate therapist in Ayurvedic professional person like Associate in Therapist Ayurvedic doctor, a life-style authority, massage healer, or a Panchakarma healer, or if you draw a bead on to be one, these courses ar simply the correct quite coaching you would like to satisfy your dream. These comprehensive programs equip you with all the tools and knowledge for enhancing your skilled observe so you'll come back up with own Ayurvedic centers back home!

Running Programs:

If you wish to pursue AN Ayurvedic course on bound specific, extremely centered topics, these intensive programs is simply the proper selection for you. These weekly programs are offered at the Kayakalp Ayurveda Massage clinic.

-Ayurveda Consultant for a Massage Techniques
-Ayurveda and Nutrition Courses
-Customized Training Programmes
-Ayurvedic plant medicines preparation
-Ayurveda way of life style Management
-Ayurveda for Body Mind & Soul

Our Courses Details:

These month-long term and short-term skilled courses, comprising intensive theory, practicals, and project work, area unit on the market throughout the year thus you'll be a part of them at any time to fit your convenience.

-Ayurveda Massage Therapy ( Duration : 3 Week )
-Basics of Aroma Therapy ( Duration : 5 days)
-Courses in Yoga and Pranayama ( Duration : 2 Week )
-Ayurveda Beauty Therapy Courses ( Duration : 2 Week )
-Ayurveda way of life style Management ( Duration : 1 Week )
-Ayurveda Massage & panchakarma Therapy ( Duration : 2 Week )
-Ayurveda Massage & panchakarma Therapy ( Duration : 4 Week )
-Preparation of Ayurvedic Herbal Medicines, Oils and Cosmetics ( Duration : 1 Week )

Knowing a way to notice sensible and credible written material courses is vital to urgeting the simplest coaching you would like to get immersed within the discipline, however take care to require all necessary steps and precaution to create you additional assured regarding your decisions.

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Thursday, 24 July 2014

Ditoxify your body and mind with Panchakarma

Panchakarma is the ultimate mind-body healing experience for detoxifying the body, It is Ayurveda's primary purification and detoxification treatment.Panchakarma means including Five therapies, Vamana, Raktamoskshana,Virechana, Nasya and Basti.The Panchakarma therapeutic process appears quite simple in its application.Panchakarma is developed thousands of years ago in India,It is based on “Panchabhutha” and “Tridosha” theories.on the true principles of Ayurveda will resist diseases, arrest premature ageing and retain youthfulness for a long time.

Panchakarma Treatments:

This treatment is unique in its approach to health and disease.Alternatively of suppressing the main symptoms,In the treatment using only powders, tablets, decoctions, medicated oils etc. Its prepared from natural herbs, plants and minerals etc.Its effects are powerful and effective on human body.

Panchakarma Treatment Includes:

- Vaman
- Virechan
- Basti
- Nasya
- Raktha Moksha

This process is also called emesis therapy. Vaman is administered for kapha related disorders like bronchitis, colds,chronic asthma,indigestion, etc

Virechan is applied to improve excess Pitta accumulated in the gall bladder, liver, small intestine etc.
 (purgation therapy)

Ayurvedic basti regards the introduction into the rectum of natural concoctions of sesame oil, and certain herbal preparations in a liquid average.Basti is best for different kinds of vata disorders. kidney stone, acidity, sexual disorders, arthritis,are the diseases treated with basti.

The nose directly connected to the brain and it is also the doorway to consciousness. The nasal administration of medication is called nasya.

Raktha Moksha:
Raktha Moksha is the technique to extinguish toxic substances accumulated in the blood stream. It is a process used for blood purification.

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